Friday, June 20, 2003
Romney Bails Out Killer

And we thought Willard Mitt Romney was tough on crime.

In February, the Fraud Governor went to Salem and said that he would shut down the Salem Harbor power plant because it was unsafe. "I will not protect jobs that kill people. And that plant kills people," he screamed with typical understatement. (source: Boston Globe, 2/7/2003)

But this month Romney unveiled an agreement that keeps the plant (that "kills people"!) open, postponing its having to meet 'tough clean-air standards' until 2006. (source: Boston Herald, 6/14/2003)

Holy smokes! Willard Mitt Romney just wrote the Salem Harbor Killer a three-year bail ticket.

What about its health impact?

Well, the city Salem really can't complain. After all, they voted for O'Brien 10,602 - 9,455. (source: PD-43) They are getting what they deserve.

But what about next-door neighbor Beverly Farms? What did they ever do to Team Romney?

Isn't Beverly Farms the home of Lt. Gov. Sherry Healey?

Oh, that explains it!


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