Tuesday, June 03, 2003
Deep-Sixing DEP

Back when Romney oversaw the Utah Olympics, the former Winter Games Chef was charged with breaking pledges to protect the environmental. Just last year, Save Our Canyons, a Wasatch Range (Utah) conservation group released a "laundry list" of Romney's broken environmental pledges. (source: Salt Lake Tribune, 1/23/2002) The Romney Games were said to have left "profound ecological consequences" on Utah. (source: CommonDreams.org quoted in Los Angeles Times, 2/3/2002)

Which made the Fraud Governor's pro-green statements in the wake of the Buzzards Bay oil spill earlier this year all that more surprising. (Romney had proposed tougher laws for polluters (source: Boston Globe, 6/3/2003)) Romney didn't appear to care about the environment last year; why should we believe he cares about it this year?

Well, we can all get over being surprised. The Fraud Environmentalist is back!

Saying that they are not worth funding, Romney has decided to cut 72 positions from the Department of Environmental Protection. Romney's DEP Commissioner, Ed Kunce, told the Globe that DEP will take a back seat in a number of areas. Responsibility for these issues will be redirected to municipalities and local health boards. However, according to the Mass. Municipal Association, there is no one at the local level to absorb that responsibility. (source: Boston Globe, 6/3/2003)

Oddly enough, earlier this year - before the nasty oil spill positioned Romney on a real issue - the Fraud Governor had issued a nifty little press release that declaimed (yes, declaimed!) that job growth was tied to a cleaner environment. (source: Massachusetts Technology Collaborative website, press release dated 1/22/2003)

But now Romney is cutting funding for a cleaner environment.

So much for that economic rebound. And we had such hope!


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