Thursday, April 10, 2003
Romney's Excise Tax Hike Gains Strength

Last year, the Fraud Candidate proposed increasing the excise tax on SUVs. The House has recently picked up his charge and is moving toward increasing the municipal levy, despite the fact that Romney claims he is a No-Tax Gov.

The Herald properly pointed out that changing the excise tax would mean changing Prop 2 1/2, which the Fraud Candidate said he would not do.

The Herald also said that No-Tax Maven-ette, Barbara Anderson said that "voters will never stand for excise tax hikes. This probably would be the straw that broke the taxpayers' patience."

Setting aside the fact that her metaphor is fractured beyond repair, it is too bad that Anderson ducked the issue last fall when Romney first proposed his SUV excise tax amendment, and became the first statewide candidate in recent memory to propose tearing up Prop. 2 1/2.

Because Anderson refused to call Romney on the issue last fall, her credibility is as low as that of her fraudulent champion.


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