Thursday, April 17, 2003
Romney Sought To Increase Used Car Sales Tax

The Herald reported that Romney has dropped plans to quietly hike the sales tax on used cars. Romney had been pursuing a plan to tax used car sales according to the car's higher retail value - dropping the past practice of calculating the tax based on the trade-in value, which is usually thousands of dollars lower.

An aide to Romney’s loathsome $150,000 a year spokesman first denied Romney had such a plan, until the Herald showed her an internal memo dated April 15. (Tax day!)

Then she said, “we have abandoned the plan.” (Which obviously admits that they were planning on the plan to begin with! This must have been one of those 'no tax' tax increases.)

But that’s not the best part. Even as Romney was scheming to increase the auto sales tax, he was issuing a press release decrying higher taxes.


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April 15, 2003

Governor promises to hold the line on higher taxes, calls on Legislature to pass reforms

On tax filing day, Governor Mitt Romney visited the South Boston Postal Annex to tell taxpayers that he will hold the line on taxes. Romney also challenged the Legislature to reject the "false choice" of deep spending cuts or higher taxes by adopting the reforms proposed in his budget.

Are you kidding? Romney promises to hold the line on higher taxes while he schemes to impose higher taxes?


This was even too much for Romney-shill Barbara Anderson, who wheezed that “any increase in taxation, even if based upon a logical formula, is an assault on already overburdened taxpayers.”
(source: Boston Herald, 4/17/2003)


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