Sunday, April 13, 2003
Romney Increases Petroleum Tax

The Fraud Governor slid the equivalent of a 2-cent a gallon gas tax hike onto unsuspecting motorists, according to Cosmo Macero of the Boston Herald ("Pump it up! Goosing the gas tax with Mitt", 4/11/03). Romney increased the tax that gas wholesalers pay for every 10,000 gallons that they deliver to retail filling stations. The tax was $50. As of April 1, it became $250. This is a fivefold increase.

Quite a jump for a no-tax administration!

No word from Romney's loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman on how Romney plans to explain away this latest tax increase. However, fellow-Republican Stephen Dodge said that the Romney administration was being disingenuous if it expected the public to think that Romney's ploy was anything but a revenue grab.

Keep in mind, when it comes to Romney, Stephen Dodge has NO axe to grind; as a former aide to Sen. David Locke, his Republican credentials are impeccable.

Come to think of it, Romney's credentials are impeccable, too - as a fraud!

Romney Flips on Gas Tax

No-New Taxes Romney has flipped on the gas tax.

Last year, he was against it. On June 11, 2002, Romney's loathsome* $150,000-a-year spokesman, said that the Fraud Candidate was against toll increases and 'any hike in the gas tax.' (source: 'Candidates consider gas tax hike,' Boston Globe, June 11, 2002.)

This year he is for it. On April 11 2003, the Fraud Governor told members of the Massachusetts congressional delegation that he is 'open to a federal increase in gas taxes.' (source: 'Romney weighs in –carefully – on Bush tax-cut plan,' Boston Globe, April 11, 2003)

One thing he'll never flip on: being a Fraud!

(*In search of the 2003 Buffalo Beast 50.)


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