Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Romney Fails 100 Day Test

Last fall, the Fraud Candidate released a Power Point presentation called Getting Down to Business where he promised to take action with regard to job creation.

His slide show contained the following action plan:

-Hands on regional work groups.
-- # Priority: keep existing jobs
-- #2 Priority: create new jobs
-- 100-day results focus
-- Clock starts November 6.

Now, 100 days from November 6 would have been February 14, 2003. And we've heard precious little about Romney's Job Creation Results.

So maybe we miscounted. Maybe Romney meant 100 business days.

Hmmm, 100 business days from November 6 would have been March 26. And still heard nothing about the Fraud Governor's Job Creation Results.

Maybe his clock is broken.


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