Tuesday, April 01, 2003
Romney campaigned against political insiders, and repeatedly claimed he would not fall into the Beacon Hill trap of hiring pals or people with inside contacts. So how to explain the newest member of the Group Insurance Commission?

Peter Schwarzenbach, whom Romney hired to work in Admin & Finance, was Vice-President, General Counsel and Secretary of (tah-dah) Staples, Inc., which Romney helped create. Romney was long a member of the Staples board.

But I’m sure Schwarzenbach was hired after a nationwide search, right?

As for Schwarzenbach’s mission, GIC’s For Your Benefit newsletter (Spring 2003) states that he wants to “focus on the changes we can make in our plan structure to allow the individual plan member to help us drive down the cost of health care.”

This guy sounds like someone who would fire his workforce, then claim he had made his former employees become more independent and self-sufficient.

In short, a Romney man!


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