Tuesday, April 29, 2003
On January 14, 2003, Romney's loathsome $150,000 a year spokesman issued a press release titled "ON TRANSPORTATION, ROMNEY PLEDGES TO "FIX IT FIRST," which claimed that due to shrinking tax dollars, state road construction projects would focus on repairing the state's crumbling roads and bridges. "Massachusetts can no longer afford to allow our existing system to crumble under the weight of overuse and official neglect," the Fraud Governor is purported to have said. "We need to redirect the state's resources to reflect a priority on repairing what we already have." Theh release said that first priority would be given to sharply reducing the backlog of deteriorating roads and bridges. "Massachusetts has nearly 5,000 bridges, with 12 percent rated as "structurally deficient."

On April 24, 2003, the Fraud Govenor called the extension of Route 3 to the Sagamore Bridge a top priority. "I'm a big believer in fixing the Sagamore Bridge. The length of time people wait to get across that Sagamore Bridge just scares people away from the Cape. I want to make it a much faster, smoother way to get on the Cape." (source: Boston Globe, 4/25/03)

So I guess the Sagamore Bridge must have fallen into disrepair, eh? Not really.

State officials said the proposal to eliminate the rotary was moving because of the commitment from the governor, who during his campaign listed the elimination of Sagamore rotary traffic problems as a key transportation initiative. Saith the Fraud Governor, "It'll make a big difference to people who live there, to people who go there on vacations, and for tourists who come and bring billions of dollars to Massachusetts. If I couldn't get that fixed, I'd have to resign in shame. I'd better get it done by the end of my first term."

Which begs the question: what is Romney fixing first, a crumbling bridge, or a campaign bribe?

By the way, the local business community is against the project. They're afraid it will do for the local economy what the Route 495/Route 25 project did for Route 28. (Hint - it croaked the small businesses along the highway.) Should the Fraud Governor care? Well, on January 27 his loathsome $150,000 a year spokesman issued a press release titled "COMMUNITIES FIRST: ROMNEY EMPOWERS CITIES AND TOWNS" which claimed that cities and towns would have unprecedented flexibility in road projects. But I'm sure they meant conditional flexability - as in, 'as flexible as necessary, provided they agree with Romney.'

It sounds an awful lot like the Fraud Governor's 'conditional integrity.'


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