Tuesday, April 01, 2003
from today’s Globe editorial “A sickening system”:

“During his campaign for governor, Mitt Romney could not have been more emphatic about his resolve to reverse the state's plan to drop 36,000 chronically unemployed adults from Medicaid. But today is the day they will no longer be insured, and for most of them there is no safety net in place...

“The governor's health and human services secretary, Ron Preston, has two working groups exploring a new version of Medicaid coverage in time for the new fiscal year. But there is no need to reinvent a wheel when the old one did exactly what it was supposed to do. Even in tough economic times, snatching health coverage away from the needy is indefensible.”

And an article in Metro/Region states that:

“During the gubernatorial campaign, Governor Mitt Romney vowed to fight cuts to core services like health care. He has not said how he would undo the current round of Medicaid cuts. A Romney spokeswoman yesterday said the governor would not take any action until the Legislature presented him with a viable plan.”

Big surprise.


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