Wednesday, April 02, 2003
The Fraud Governor's $48,000 a year communications director for Travel and Tourism is moonlighting for ... the state of PA! The Herald reports that Amy Strack did consulting work for Pennsylvania's tourism campaign - which is vigorously trying to lure business away from the Bay State. She then sent a bill earlier this month for $500 for ``professional review'' of a Pennsylvania tourism document, then denied that she was paid for the work, saying "``Even if they do offer (pay) I'm not going to accept it."

Then the Herald obtained a copy of an invoice Strack sent to Mary Means & Associates, a consultant leading Pennsylvania's ``heritage tourism'' campaign, for $500. The invoice was dated March 3.


Strack, who was promoted by MOTT director Paul Sacco, said she saw no conflict in working for a competitor state. ``It's all for the greater good of the tourism industry. I don't think it's really an ethical question.''

Then again, what does Team Romney know about ethics?

(source: "Pa. has friend in Bay State: Tourism aide billed rival", by Joe Battenfeld, Boston Herald, Wednesday, April 2, 2003.)


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