Tuesday, April 01, 2003
College heads say Romney in dark about own plan
by Elizabeth W. Crowley
Boston Herald
Tuesday, April 1, 2003

State college leaders chided Gov. Mitt Romney yesterday for not knowing even basic elements of his vaunted higher education reform bid.
Already accusing Romney of introducing ``gross distortions'' into the debate over his plan, some of the nine state college presidents said Romney seemed unclear about his plan during a 90-minute lobbying session.
``There were several things that we discussed with the governor that, clearly, he was not aware of in his own plan,'' said Bridgewater State College President Dana Mohler-Faria. ``I was very surprised.''
Among the effects the plan would have, college administrators said, would be to give the governor power to appoint the chairmen of state college boards of trustees - a power each board now has.
``He wasn't aware of that and he certainly seemed surprised by it and understood why we would have concerns about it,'' Mohler-Faria said.


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